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I am proud that we support movement organizations like We Are Not Numbers. Can you help us strengthen the movement?

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Great news: another donor has joined our fundraising challenge. As of now, we will receive $100 for every new recurring donor at any level! The deadline has been extended until Wednesday for this amazing opportunity, and we need you to act now so we can unlock these funds for up to 50 recurring gifts—please don’t make us leave $5,000 on the table! Commit to a monthly gift today. If you are already a monthly donor, we thank you and hope you will share with friends.

You are painfully aware, I think, of the limitations on life in Gaza: intermittent electricity; shortages of clean water, food and medicine; widespread unemployment; the constant threat of violence by Israeli forces. You empathize with the ongoing trauma, depression and anxiety experienced by young people there. And if you’re like me, you wonder how they can go on.

I’m writing today to tell you of a reason for hope. In addition to the information and analysis Mondoweiss delivers to you every day, I am proud that we support movement organizations like We Are Not Numbers. This project is one of the resources that allows young Palestinians in Gaza not only to survive, but to grow and contribute to the struggle for freedom. Our goal this week is to sign up 50 new monthly donors to Mondoweiss, and we have committed to sharing the proceeds of this drive with We Are Not Numbers. Please read on to understand why.

We Are Not Numbers matches Palestinian youth who want to write with experienced, published authors around the world. These devoted mentors provide technical advice, sympathetic critiques and support, and help find opportunities for the young writers to publish their work. Hundreds of writers have benefited from the mentoring, editing and language services provided by We Are Not Numbers since its founding in 2015.

Mondoweiss frequently publishes articles by writers in this program, so their writing reaches tens of thousands of readers—people like you, who want to know the truth about what’s happening in Palestine. Just last month, Mondoweiss brought you this compelling piece university student Khuloud Rabah Sulaiman wrote about protests by recipients of UNRWA aid.

Khuloud Rabah Sulaiman

As the project’s name suggests, it is deeply empowering for these young writers to tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news. Khuloud says, “Writing is my only powerful weapon I can use to convey the true image of the world we live in, hoping I can help change it for the better.” Thanks to Mondoweiss’s partnership with We Are Not Numbers, Khuloud’s weapon gets more powerful all the time, and with your help we can strengthen her and others even more.

Writers like Khuloud are developing skills that let them reach across the miles to people around the world. Even living under a blockade in Gaza, wondering if they’ll have electricity or medicine, these young people are finding ways to express their ideas and inform the world.

So today we’re asking you to contribute so that Mondoweiss and We Are Not Numbers can continue to empower these emerging journalists and artists. Both organizations are nonprofit—so gifts are tax-deductible in the US—and both depend on the generosity of people like you, who recognize the importance of this work.

This week, we have a special opportunity. A longtime donor has stepped up and is willing to give $60 for every new donor who signs up for a monthly gift by October 14, for up to 50 new donors. If you can commit to at least $10 a month, your gift will be eligible for this challenge. Sign up today to help us unlock these funds!

With your support, we can continue to make sure voices like Khuloud’s are heard by the world. Can you set up a monthly donation today? Recurring donations help support our long-term planning, and if you sign up now, you will also help us collect the matching funds! Your gift will directly support the work of both Mondoweiss and We Are Not Numbers.

Thanks to you, our organizations will continue to team effectively in delivering firsthand expressions of Palestinian youth to a very large audience—thus helping both the writers and you, the readers of their work.

Please commit today to regular gifts so we can continue strengthening the movement for justice in Palestine.

P.S. If giving every month doesn’t fit for you, please consider a one-time donation today. We are a nonprofit that depends on reader support to keep our work going—and reader support means you. Our partnership with We Are Not Numbers is just one example of the way that Mondoweiss has an impact, not only in the news we share but in the lives of people on the ground in Palestine. Your help today can increase that impact.