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Today, you can make a difference for justice in Palestine

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Today, you can make a difference. How often can you look at the 24 hours to come, and know for a fact that you can contribute to a better world? Today, you can. We invite you to join us in spreading the word about injustice and oppression in Palestine, in order to build public demand for urgently needed change.

This month at Mondoweiss we’ve paid tribute to ChangeMakers: extraordinary people who take risks of every kind to work toward a future of justice and freedom in Palestine. We invited your nominations for people to recognize, and we have an ever-growing collection of inspiring stories to give you hope as the new year begins. Check it out!

We’ve also been running a campaign for the past few weeks to sustain and build the capacity of Mondoweiss as a news operation. Generous, longtime donors created a challenge fund of $100,000 to mobilize our community. If we can raise $100,000 by midnight tonight, they will match that full amount! And we are very close–just another $16,000 or so will get us across the finish line. If you’ve already contributed to this campaign, we thank you. If you haven’t, please donate now so we won’t miss out on $100,000.

The funds we raise in December are used all year long to pay reporters, photographers and others who provide articles, images and videos to tell the truth about both ChangeMakers and the systems of oppression they are working so hard to dismantle.

If you’ve donated recently, we thank you! Your tax-deductible support enables Mondoweiss to keep sharing stories of change.

If you have waited, I hope you will consider one of the gift levels listed here–and act today so we can claim the challenge fund. Your investment now in accurate news makes a difference.



Let me remind you of some of the people whose stories you’ve read in Mondoweiss:

And these are just a few ChangeMakers we’ve highlighted this month.

I will close by quoting Omar Barghouti, whose support of Mondoweiss is an honor we work hard to deserve. Omar writes to you:

In every battle for human rights, one of the oppressor’s most powerful weapons is the ability to silence. Every report, opinion and analysis published in Mondoweiss strikes a blow at Israel’s supremacy in the mainstream media and helps shift the narrative in our favor.

I have donated personally to Mondoweiss for many years, and I’m asking you now to do the same. At a time when the U.S. is joining Israel to clamp down on the rights of those who speak out for Palestine, Mondoweiss is a rare source of free speech and insightful analysis–a sign of hope for those seeking to create real change.

With just hours to go, I hope you will show that you value independent news from Palestine as one of the tools–an essential tool–for making change. Today, you can make a difference. Please invest now in Mondoweiss‘s continued growth and effectiveness.