‘I ask you for your support and solidarity’: Prof. Imad Barghouthi writes from Ofer prison

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Editor’s Note: The following letter is being circulated by Scientists for Palestine. You can sign a petition demanding Prof. Barghouthi’s release here.

Dear colleagues, 

Israeli authorities arrested me on July 16th 2020 simply because of my publicly-expressed opinions and social media activity. I am currently in the Ofer prison camp, located near Ramallah city. I consider this arrest to be against my right to freedom of speech which is protected by international law. I have the right to express my own opinion and speak up to defend my country from military occupation. Also, my detention infringes on the rights of my students, my research and scientific activities.  

I do not expect any justice from the Israel military court system which is designed to subjugate the Palestinian population and lacks any credibility. 

The new academic year is scheduled to start in September and as a faculty member in the physics department of Al Quds University I am assigned to teach the following courses:

  • Advanced nuclear theory (graduated level).
  • Atomic & molecular physics (4th year level).
  • Theory of Electromagnetism (3rd year level).
  • Theory of relativity (3rd year level).

In addition, I supervise many master students and graduate research projects.

Dear scholars, I appeal to you to support the rights of myself and my students to continue pursuing our research. I therefore ask you for your support and solidarity to call for either my release from Israeli prison or, at minimum, demand that they provide me with the necessary tools to be able to teach online and set up my own lectures. Preferably located in my house in order to be able to teach and supervise my students. 

In advance, thank you very much for your help and support. 

Prof. Imad Ahmad Barghouthi 
Department of physics, AQU
Occupied Palestine 
Currently in the Ofer Israeli prison camp

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What has he been charged with? I mean, they can’t arrest him without charging him with something, right? This is Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

Dear Misterioso,

Vis a vis Ilan Pappe (whose books and thus discussions, based on much deep research, as befits a historian, are both a painful and necessary read, as I’m sure you know). As far as I am aware he is no longer in “Israel” but has been teaching/ a professor at the University of Exeter (and has been for quite a while, for reasons that will be obvious to thee).