Palestine Writes Literature Festival is back!

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Palestine Writes Literature Festival, a celebration of Palestinian writing past and present, will take place on December 2-6, 2020.  The Festival will be hosted on a cutting-edge virtual platform with 3-D virtual spaces, live chats, networking rooms, and more.

The virtual Festival will feature more than 70 leading Palestinian writers and artists, including Ibrahim Nasrallah and Hala Alyan; as well as leading African-American and Indigenous writers and activists, including Angela Davis and Nick Estes.

The Festival will include programming for children, relevant panel discussions, book presentations, cooking demonstrations, live music, and a poetry slam featuring some of the greatest contemporary voices in Palestinian literature.

Palestine Writes was originally scheduled to be a live in-person Festival in March, 2020 in New York City.  The Festival was cancelled by the COVID virus.

To Register for Palestine Writes, go here: